Open Water Swimming Coaching Cornwall

Are you an open water swimmer looking for swimming coaching in open water, such as the sea or in open water? contact us and see how we can help with your open water swimming requirements.

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Types Of Open Water Swimming coaching Across Cornwall

If you contact us our lead Swimming Coach lee Stanbury with 25 years experience can receive you. Do you have a limited open water swimming skills or maybe your an advanced swimmer looking for training?Which ever open water swimmer you are contact us for booking.

Tips on Open water swimming training across Cornwall

Open Water Swimming Training across Cornwall from beginner to advanced

Sea Swimming Across Cornwall

Sea swimming across Cornwall can be totally amazing, the fact that you are only 13 miles at its furthest point from the south coast to the north coast means you can dodge the wind and elements if need be, and there is always a sheltered spot to find if you look.
Open water swimming over the years has grown and with the arrival of new modern wet suits it’s even easier to swim for longer, although many tuff swimmers simply swim is just a costume and enjoy the great open water in just skin!

Popular places to go open water swimming in Cornwall

Some of the most popular places to swim open air and in the sea across Cornwall include
Porthcurno ( IN Cornish Porthkornow, meaning “Port (or Bay) should be one of your top venues
Try Caerthillian Cove, its perfect for all – providing no waves are about!
West Cornwall PARBEAN COVE is perfect for open water swimming
Kynance Cove most likely perfect for open water swimming but dangerous rips so don’t swim when a swell is running
The south-west-facing Church Cove is perfect for swimming
Readymoney Cove, near the mouth of the River Fowey is a lovey open water swimming venue, it even has markers out
Hawkers Cove, two kilometers north of Padstow is just the ticket for a quite open water swim
Trevaunance Cove is about 800m across a great for open water swimming
The Summerleaze tidal pool, Bude. a wonderful outdoor/natural swimming pool
The Padstow to Rock swimming route, although look out for boats
Try Sea swimming at Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth, it’s truly a great place to go and swim
Not really open water swim experience but Jubilee Pool, Penzance is open-air and overlooks the sea.

Open Water Swimming Coaching

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