Gp Exercise Referral Home visit across Cornwall

Visit you in your home fitness training – Home Exercise Personal Training for ALL ages. The Cornish Exercise Referral scheme covers a wide range of health conditions including high blood pressure, all diabetes, issues asthma, arthritis, overweight problems or obesity, depression or anxiety, poor balance osteoporosis among other conditions, all of which we can help you with getting fit, stay healthy whatever age you are.

60+ even at 70 you can benefit from home exercise training visits, build strength at home with a home visit exercise training session across Cornwall.

As a GP referral advanced exercise consultant across Cornwall, home visits are possible. At your home, we will help you to start a suitable basic exercise programme, this may include basic strength training, weights, balanced and light movement training if required.

We can help and promote healthy lifestyle changes, also advise you on how to exercise safely and support you through the programme with any advice you need so don’t worry.

Its widely known that regular physical activity can benefit your heart health mid and long term, help manage your weight, improve your muscle and joint functions so that you are more flexible, and positively affect your mind. Home training visits will not only help you manage and control existing conditions, but it will help protect you from developing other health complications too if some arise.

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Home Visit Fitness Training across cornwall

Specialist Fitness at home across Cornwall.  To get started with home exercise training and visits please drop us an email here for guidance and support.

Physical Therapy HOME Visit Training– This type of rehabilitation therapy works to improve movement defects and dysfunction.

Generally, therapists work with patients to restore body movement, body strength, general stability, and/or functional ability and reduce any pain via targeted exercise and a range of other treatment methods, using training aids such as Swiss ball, Training Weights.

Occupational Therapy Training – This form of exercise therapy focuses on restoring an individual’s ability to perform necessary daily day to day activities. Generally working to improve fine motor body skills, restore good balance, or assist patients in learning how to increase their functional ability via the use of adaptive equipment, among other potential treatment options.

Personal GP referral fitness programs across Cornwall.