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We have a small dedicated team of Cornish personal trainers, lead by lee Stanbury, Advanced PT and Instructor, with 25 years in the industry.

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A bit about our lead PT

Lee, has 25 years in the Health and Fitness Industry, with roles as Gym Manager, Personal Trainer, And Head Swimming Coach. He is a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer and Instructor.In his time as a Personal Trainer he has also Assisted top Cornish and UK surfers such as Ben Skinner with performance strength and conditioning coaching, he is also the author of the Complete Guide to Surf Fitness & Surf Fitness and Performance books.

Wright Foundation GP Referral Consultant 

Lee, is an experienced GP Referral Consultant ( advanced exercise prescription ) covering balance and co-ordination training, exercise rehab and falls prevention training.

Further Training sessions and programs he can offer.

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Hows your speed and agility?, why not book in for some speed and agility training with lee.

Weights Resistance Training

Looking for some muscle gain? consider free weight resistance training, to build muscle.

Swiss Ball Training

Consider Swiss Ball Training, the sessions include core training, strength and conditioning and resistance combo training.

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