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Looking for a Personal Trainer across Cornwall? Home Visits and Outside Training sessions –  Qualified Personal Trainer across Cornwall. All types of personal training services across Cornwall covered.

Cornwall Personal Training – Fitness and personal training services for everybody across Cornwall.

Our Personal Training Services Across Cornwall

Cornish Personal Training Services

Cornish Beach Cross Training 121 And Group Sessions

An hour of beach cross fit style training, suitable for all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced. Are you a group? get in touch.

Open Water Swimming Coaching

Looking for Open Water Swimming Training across Cornwall? Lee Stanbury offers 121 Open Water Coaching of ALL levels.

BURN Cals Training

Cross Fit + Weights 121 sessions are the latest thing, and perfect for burning F.A.T -.

Gym Based Personal Training

If you are local to mid Cornwall our Personal Training based in a Gym setting could be what your looking for.

Surf Fitness Training

Are you a Surfer looking to improve general fitness? lee Stanbury Author of the Complete Guide to Surf Fitness & Surf Fitness and performance offers groups sessions and personal training.

Sports Specific Training

Are you training for anything, sports specific, such as the London Marathon, or a Triathlon? find out more.

Some Of The Training Services We Offer Across Cornwall

Running training

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Surf Fitness Training

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Triathlon Training

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pricing & plan​

We offer a flexible training plan to get you up and running


One Hour 37.00

Mobile locations may incur a small Additional transport fee.


10 Sessions 27.50

Discounted Gym sessions 10 sessions at a discounted rate.

Most Popular

5 sessions 35.00

Every little helps, a discount if you buy 5 sessions.

A Few Weekly Additional Tips & Tricks​

Here you can find weekly updates on health and fitness, keep an eye out.

The up right row a simple exercise with any training program.

Why is this simple but highly effective weight lifting movement so good for you?

Answer is it builds Lat strength and improves back shoulder muscles!

Ropes Training - why is it good for you!?

Using The Ropes and Why They Are Good For You!

Ropes training builds great aerobic fitness and overall upper body strength!

Use medicine balls

Medicine Balls a total body work out, why?

Core strength training, upper and lower body strength training improvements.!

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